WILKERSON GLASS: Known throughout the United States
and worldwide for its innovative use of color, style
and design of hand – shaped art glass.

Fred S. Wilkerson “Glass Artist”

Born in 1963, my first experience with molten glass came in 1975 when my
father, Fred W. Wilkerson, built a small glass studio. It was at that young
age of 12 that I realized as an artist that my medium of choice would be glass.

Several years were spent watching, learning and polishing my own skills at
every opportunity. Yet, there still seems to be so much more.

There is just something about the whole process of taking silica sand in a
solid state and then heating it to an extreme temperature that transforms it
into a liquid. Manipulating the liquid, molding it and watching it as it
takes shape right in front of your very eyes.

Hot glass – a medium not widely available to all artists, yet one that all
should be so lucky to experience.

The Artist Hand

Holding footed seaweed design crystal egg.

The Unicorn

Fused milk glass image
in the surface of
crystal glass with multiple color abstract center.









From the Forge of Volcan
Pours the liquid born of Fire,
From the Hands of Man
Springs from this burning pyre
All the depth and beauty
Ones’ Imagination can behold
And tracends what we see…
To Beauty we can hold.

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